The Boston Scientific Connected Patient Challenge


Who can Submit to the The Connected Patient Challenge?

This is an open call for participation from the following:

1) Individuals

2) Teams

3) Companies

The challenge is open to anyone from around the world. Of note, the submission website requires a single person to submit. So teams and companies should nominate one person to submit on behalf of the entire team and/or company.

Note: Employees of Boston Scientific Corporation, the principle sponsor, will not be eligible to submit ideas. However, they will not be excluded from commenting on or adding to ideas submitted by other participants.

What Kinds of Submissions are You Looking For?

1) Innovative ideas that haven't been implemented yet

2) Class projects

3) Pilot studies that have or have not received institutional review board (IRB) approval yet

4) Early results of pilot studies that are waiting to move into their next phase

5) Early research studies that have interesting data

6) Newly formed teams with early stage ideas

7) Newly formed teams who have presented their ideas at other competitions and hackathons

8) Early-stage companies

Tell us how you would improve patient care and/or drive down the cost of health care through the use of Remote Patient Monitoring using wearable, implantable or ubiquitous sensors. Management of the flow of data and the decision making process are also of interest.

Key areas of interest for the challenge include, but are not limited to, Interventional Cardiology, Peripheral Intervention, Rhythm Management, Urology, Reproductive Health, Endoscopy, and Neuromodulation.

How does the Contest Work?

Simply submit at the contest submission page. Voting is crowd-sourced (encourage your friends to come and vote for you!). The Official Judges will also vote after the submissions deadline.

How are Entries Judged and What are the Winning Criteria?

Winners are chosen based on criteria that are defined individually for each award. Please see the Awards Tab for details.

Can I edit my entry after I submit it?

You may edit your entry up until someone votes or comments on it. After that, you can communicate with the judges directly to expand and refine your idea. The judges will consider all of your responses as part of the overall submission.

Can I submit more than one idea?

Yes, you can submit as many ideas as you like.

What do I win?

Finalists will be honored at a live event where they will present their ideas to the Challenge Sponsors and fellow participants. Up to $25,000 of services in kind may be divided among Challenge winners to further develop or pilot their ideas.




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